Welcome aboard

Please follow these instruction in order, and “ASAP” so we can get you up and running as soon as possible.

1. Send your headshot (min 400px x400px) and pdf of your home state license to:  support@dialdayleads.com  subject: "new on boarding"

Example Image
Steven Jones
Example Photo

2. Schedule a quick Zoom call to check your social media's account quality and set-up a Twilio account. Click Here for Calendar

Social Media Platforms for advertising.
Powers your telecom & SMS Text

3. Please allow 4 to 7 business days to set up your system. You will receive a notification when your system is ready.

Your new System is currently under construction.

4. Next, set up your second Zoom call to connect your Gmail email and Calendar and Facebook, plus customize your auto replies.

Attach your GCalendar, Email and Facebook account, do a system run through and modify replies.

5. Final Step in set up is a last Zoom call to Place your ads live and test the system Click Here for Calendar

Place your Ad live
Test and Customize your System

6. Register your new CRM Phone number and schedule a follow-up call for appx. 1 week

Please visit this website to register your new phone number so it doesn’t appear as spam. The process can take up to a month for your new number to get registered, so please do this “ASAP”


Getting your system up to speed is a process and is different for each individual agent. Please have patience, it is common to hit small speed bumps along the way. We will work to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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