You have to get leads somewhere.

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The truth is you need leads period. So where do you get them, Lead companies charge anywhere from $11.00 to $45.00 per lead, and Live Transfers can cost over $100.00 per lead in some parts of the country. The leads have to come from somewhere and for a company to turn a profit they need to sell that one lead several times.
Did you know that lots of agents can turn a very healthy profit simply by lowering their lead cost? Check this out let’s say you are buying leads for $25.00 each and you need 40 leads to get your appointments set. Well, that’s $1000.00 a week on leads. Now if everything was equal and you averaged $6.00 a lead that would be $240.00 per week.
So the choice is up to you, spend $1000.00 or spend $240.00 A choice like this can save agents nearly $3000 a month. And for some people that extra money makes all the difference in their business.