The Drop System

Private Lead Generation + The industry's # 1 Intelligent CRM.

A winning combination for Top Agents to help them get to the next level. 

Agents increase your ROI, Decrease your leads budget, sell more policies and decrease your chargebacks with our Gold Level Plan.

This system has been developed over time with the help of TOP LEVEL PRODUCERS from the Insurance industry, Many Agents that have followed our system have watched their “ROI” virtually triple in a short few months.  

Dial Day Systems’ Intelligent Lead Generation System features highly upgraded customizable workflows, fully programmed automations, our time-tested ads library, and our newest Virtual Assistant, email, text, and Zoom support to help you easily transition.

Do you want better leads, longer client retention and increased ROI?

As insurance agents, we all want a better lead, but what is a better lead? 

I have personally spent thousands of dollars a week on leads and sold my way to the top. But what I have learned over the years is that there is no difference between an $11 lead and a $45 Lead except of course what I had to spend on it.

And I know a lot of newer less experienced Agents are gonna hate hearing this, but a more expensive lead “does not” mean a sale. 

You still need to do the sales dance no matter what the lead costs you. And when your lead vendor resells that lead in 30 days you still need to worry about chargebacks.

All of the Agents we have talked to said a “better lead” is a lead generated without deception and doesn’t have multiple agents calling it. They also said a private lead was the best because there will not be dozens of Agents trying to replace your policy and they cost a lot less.

We found that a little Automation goes a long way with Client retention, imagine email and text Holiday and Birthday Cards sent for you.

Our system allows you to decrease your leads budget, eliminate competing Agents, reduce chargebacks, and increase client retention and it even helps to build your credibility.