CRM Overview

Your new CRM is on of the most advanced Insurance Agent CRM's on the market today.

A quick Overview

CRM Automation Steps

New Generated Lead.

  1. New Generated Lead is greeted with an SMS Text and Email, letting them know you will contact them from your CRM’s Phone number soon. There will be no more contact for 2 days, you may want to reach out to them or wait and see if they book an appointment on their own.
  2. The next step you will receive an SMS Text letting you know this lead hasn’t yet booked an appointment and then a follow-up SMS Text and Email is sent out. 5 Days later another follow-up will go out and you will receive a notification if they reply to either your text or email.
  3. The next stage is a 6-month mailer drip campaign appx one month after this starts they will also enter the Zombie lead workflow which will send out SMS Texts letting them know they can get qualified and should book an appointment with you. 
  4. The Zombie workflow will last appx 7 to 10 days and your lead will get sent to the “NO CONTACT” Stage in your pipeline under Opportunities. 
  5. For your leads that book an appointment, they will be removed from all workflow, and a 24-hour, 2-hour, and 30 min notice will be sent out reminding them of your appointment.


An overview of your CRM Dashboard


What’s in the conversations tab?


How your new leads are automated and what is a pipeline and an opportunity

UpLoad - Download- Assign Owner- Create Opportunity

A how-to on uploading/downloading leads and how to bulk assign to a user and create an opportunity card.