Credibility is the key!

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 We speak with Agents all the time and we hear all the stories. And I have to tell you the most frustrating of all is the client who stops halfway through an application and says, I really should speak to my spouse, or I have to run let’s finish this up another time. Usually, when this happens there is a trust issue. Meaning you are a stranger to them, they have never met you they have forgotten why they are giving you this information over the phone, and lots of clients start to think “maybe I’m being scammed”
Credibility and trust are the 2 hardest things to establish over the phone, especially if you purchased the lead and they still haven’t received their gift. So let me ask a question, what advice would you give to your parents if a stranger called them up, set up an appointment, and were then asked to give out their personal medical information, social security number, and their banking information. You would tell them to hang up and run, right! So why should your new lead be any different?